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Big Bro's 'Optional' Nominations Ploy

Tonight, Big Bro has confused the remaining nine housemates by suggesting that nominations are optional this week.

Late in the evening, the all-seeing entity informed the group that anyone wishing to cast a vote would need to do-so between 6am and 9am on Monday morning. It would not call the group together in the afternoon to give their nominations as usual.

However, the omnipresent one, ever keen to mess with the nomination procedure this series, has also vowed to lie to the housemates a couple of times this week. In fact, this is their weekly task, to suss out the lies.

It is not clear how or when this will occur, but perhaps there'll be no nominations really on Monday morning and the evil entity is just lying as part of the task and trying to get everyone up early for a change?

Or, maybe it will lie about who's been nominated, making two housemates worry unnecessarily all week and give two (the real nominees) a huge shock on Friday night?

Who knows? Well, Big Bro does, but it's remaining suitably vague about the whole thing for now, which has actually been welcomed by some of the housemates.

Chatting about the intriguing news, Vanessa said, "I love the fact that I don't know what's going on this house". Meanwhile, there was speculation that there might be a double eviction on Friday night, something fans were speculating about last week.

It was also suggested by the group that Big Bro's ploy of making the housemates get-up early was a bid to ensure that more people are up for eviction on Friday due to being penalised for missing the procedure.

Anthony and Craig vowed to stay-up all night, but Kemal said that he'd see how he felt in the morning. Makosi claimed that she would abstain, as she doesn't enjoy the procedure.

We shall see.

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