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Nominees Announced For 6th Eviction

Yesterday was the 6th Nomination Day and, as with the fourth occasion, it was your standard 'text book' nomination procedure; no-one was banned, no-one was penalised, no-one had a secret mission and there was no messing by Big Brother.

With all ten housemates having given their nominations, the result is that this week's nominees are: Maxwell and Science.

On hearing the news, Science just said, "Neck and neck," and Maxwell responded, "That's the last one. F**k about." The pair then agreed: 'may the best man win'.

Here's who everyone voted-for, with the number of votes they received this week in brackets. We'll be detailing the Nominations in full detail in another story soon, also accessible shortly via the contestant profiles above.

Anthony (3) - Derek & Science
Craig (1) - Kemal & Science
Derek (1) - Maxwell & Anthony
Eugene (2) - Anthony & Maxwell
Kemal (2) - Anthony & Maxwell
Makosi (0) - Orlaith & Maxwell
Maxwell (6) - Kemal & Science
Orlaith (1) - Eugene & Maxwell
Science (4) - Maxwell & Craig
Vanessa (0) - Science & Eugene

So, Maxwell received a substantial 6 votes and Science 4, putting the pair up against each other - Max for the second week in a row but his third time up, and Science for his second time since the series began.

As for who's likely to go, it's not entirely clear. We say that because at the time of writing Maxwell is bizarrely the joint-favourite to win the series along with Derek. There is also lots of speculation amongst fans that Science will go.

However, our most recent Poll indicated that the fans wanted rid of Maxwell more than anybody else, and in light of his aggressive behaviour towards Kemal recently, we can't see any reason for that to suddenly change. In fact, our Poll started after that footage was aired.

We wonder if the bookies are just having a funny five minutes, because here at BBO we expect Maxwell to go on Friday, not Science. That said, fans were gunning for the Lyrical Master a while ago, so perhaps they'll get rid of him while they've got the chance?

If you fancy agreeing with the bookies and backing Science to go at the next eviction, or going against them and backing Makosi or Kemal to win the series, why not head over to betting partner Bluesquare to check-out the latest odds?

The 'Next To Go' market should appear back in the TV Specials section of the site soon. You can also find out how we've made over £300 so far with by visiting our Betting Zone section.

So, who stays, who goes? YOU decide!

Voting lines are now open and will remain-so until Friday night. The voting text and telephone numbers are detailed in another story within our Latest News section.

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