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Surely Not Maxwell Aswell?

Right, stop everything. We're getting really confused now. Hands up all the contestants that are definitely gay... fine. And the straight ones...? Righty-ho. And what about those who either don't know or are somewhere in-between? Uh-huh, we see.

Actually, we don't see, because sexuality during this series is becoming ever more blurred; we really don't know what's gonna' happen next or who's likely to get off with who!

So far we've had girls who claim to be bisexual snogging supposedly straight girls, a gay guy who knows he's gay, a guy who wears stilettos and doesn't seem entirely sure, another one who seems to be gay but hasn't come to terms with it yet and a borderline straight guy who's suspected of being gay.

But now we're wondering about Maxwell aswell!

Okay, so we're probably just being silly here, but it seems odd that such a 'blokey' bloke would allow Craig to gently stroke his feet or suck his toes. Or lay in Craig's lap and have his head stroked for that matter.

Tonight, he openly embraced the unstable hairdresser in the lounge after saying, "Come here and give us a cuddle".

Uh, what?

We want to make it clear that we don't mind what sexuality people are and if Max is gay, then that's absolutely fine with us. It's just that his behaviour seems so out-of-character and a little bit odd... unless he's just come to accept Craig and feels a genuine (non sexual) affection for the lad.

Of course, there is another theory, especially when you take into account Max's whispered comments of support at bedtime on Sunday night.

A cynic might suggest that Saskia told Maxwell to keep in with Craig to help his chances, either that, or he's worked it out for himself that if the public sees him as a decent, caring guy, he'll last longer in the game.

Frankly, however, we remain sceptical and we're not going to suddenly forget all the bullying and derogatory remarks that Max Anthony have aimed at Craig over the weeks. Nor Max's aggressive behaviour towards Kemal over the Cidergate scandal.

So, Maxwell: nice, sensitive, caring and gay-friendly guy, or aggressive git who's just playing Craig to further his own game?

YOU decide!

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