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Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beerholder

For the latest weekly task, temporary holiday reps Vanessa, Orlaith and Makosi have been toiling away, making sure that their 'punter's are entertained. But today, Big Brother provided some entertainment for them in the form of a beauty contest.

The mini-task, in-which everyone had to participate, involved the seven lads donning skimpy swimwear and prancing around, which didn't go down too well with certain housemates.

In his best defiant 'Mr T' manner, Science blasted, "I'm not putting make-up on... I ain't wearing that sarong thing!" However, psuedo-crossdresser Kemal and confirmed poser Anthony were in their element.

There were three categories to the Pageant: general talent, posing in swimwear and the contestants explaining their hopes and aspirations.

How very 'American', how very cheesy?

Still, the housemates enjoyed themselves and the reps chose Craig aka Miss Russia as the winner, for his (her?) combination of grace, poise, beauty and longing for world peace.

Miss Turkey (Kemal) put in a good effort, flirting with judges as she 'worked it like a... you know what!'

Miss England looked decidedly rough and Maxwell would probably have described her as a 'five pinter'. Then again, her dubious beauty was excusable when you consider that it was Maxwell!

Miss Newcastle (Anthony) slipped into a black bikini earning herself some plus points with the judges, but then undid all her good work by describing herself as shallow.

Erm, presumably Ant was playing a dumb blonde, as that's not exactly the best way to impress the judges?

Science refused to wear his sarong in the correct manner, instead wearing it as a headdress. However, the Lyrical Master managed to redeem himself in the 'talent' category with his cool rap.

Just don't say those last two words too quickly, or you might find yourself describing today's beauty contest!

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