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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Here today, gone tomorrow. That's the nature of Big Brother: depending on what happens you can be doing well in the game today, but be on your way out tomorrow. However, this story is literally about hair, as Big Bro has asked the housemates to chop off their locks tonight!

Challenging the group to fill a big jug completely with hair in return for some booze, the challenge was accepted by, guess who... The Three Amigos.

Actually, it wasn't so much that the boys were desperate for alcohol, more that the girls didn't fancy messing-up their 'do's'. Mind you, with Makosi's wild afro, which is rumoured to be fake, the group surely could have filled the jug several times over?!

"You'd look so cute with a bald head," urged Vanessa (yes she's still in there - thought we'd better remind you) to Craig, encouraging him to lose the mullet which was recently trimmed by Anthony.

It was suggested that Kemal could also spare some of his fuzzy mop, but the stiletto-wearing one was having none of it and offered his leg hair only. Science was also reluctant to lose any of his 'fro, but Eugene offered-up some of his own follicles if necessary.

When the razor came out, Craig went first, warning his pals that his head would look even bigger without hair to disguise it - Ant and Max have commented several times lately on the physical size of his noggin.

Max was next up and duly had his barnet removed, followed by Anthony who trusted Craig not to make him look stupid. So, Anthony, Maxwell and Craig were now sporting short, shorter and 'skinhead' haircuts, but the short styles didn't suit all three.

Max looked fine and Craig looked particularly good, with the bald look really suiting his face. However, Anthony, now devoid of anything to carefully style with wax, looked a bit weird, especially as it drew more attention to his eyebrows.

Perhaps it was because Craig didn't take it as short as it could go, but the Geordie boy ain't such a looker now and is sure to grow it back sharpish.

Later, having consumed the booze promised by Big Bro, Craig decided to dress-up in drag and perform a dance on what might be Maxwell's last night with his two pals.

"Do you want to have a feel?" giggled Craig as he pranced around the room, but Gunner's fan Max, despite missing his regular physical contact with Saskia, declined the offer!

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