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The Housemates' Mass Debate

To give them something to do this afternoon, Big Brother instigated a mass debate between the housemates over the very topical issue of Maxwell versus Science. The group's agenda was to split into teams and discuss reasons for either one to stay.

The two nominees took it in turns to pick their teams, with Maxwell picking professional speech writer Derek first; a canny move. Strangely, Science then picked Craig, but as he's pally with Max it didn't really make sense. Hmm?

The renowned cry baby later sulked over the fact that he hadn't been picked first by his 'china plate' Max; the reaction rather reminiscent of the scenario played-out in many a primary school playground when one is always reluctantly picked last!

Makosi, Eugene, Vanessa and Craig ended-up on the side of the resident rapper, Orlaith, Anthony, Kemal and Derek were chosen by Max.

The teams were given just 20 minutes to pen their speeches and surprisingly, they all relished the opportunity. Well, they did when they were actually writing them, but perhaps not so much when it came time to perform.

Despite their differences, Derek did a good job supporting Maxwell's cause, but Craig struggled to find the enthusiasm to 'big up' Team Captain Science.

Team Makosi member Kemal also found it difficult to find reasons for keeping Maxwell this week, the man who virtually threatened to hit him and chucked water in his face the other night. Understandable.

But he-of-the-dancing-belly managed to pull it back with something of a back-handed compliment when he waxed lyrical about the
cockney geezer's ability to use the odd swear word... or twenty!

Science had the last word (as usual) and closed the debate by saying in his obligatory sounds-like-philosophy-but-means-nothing manner, "I never been a follower, I'm a born leader but I can't lead people who want to be misled". Quite.

We know what you're thinking, 'Who won?' Well, everyone really, as Big Bro promised to throw a party for the talked-out ten. Yippee!

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