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Big Bro Penalises Dirty Duo

In the early hours of Day 41, Maxwell and Anthony decided to prat about with toilet brushes, so Big Bro has penalised the pair for their unhygienic actions this afternoon.

For something to do, The Three Amigos engaged in a now customary water fight, but instead of just sticking with tumblers to contain their fluid, they used bog brush holders instead.


As Craig and Anthony blocked Maxwell from exiting the loo, the cockney geezer filled the brush holder with water and prepared to soak the others as soon as he got out.

When they finally released the door, out shot Max with his watery weapon, but Anthony quickly ran off to another part of the House. This left cry-baby Craig whimpering and claiming that he wasn't strong enough to hold the door closed on his own.

Gullible Max then headed-off to find best pal Anthony, but the musclebound midget managed to hold the bedroom door shut, so he couldn't get in. Craig eventually teamed-up with the object of his desire again, and the pair swiftly retreated to the other loo.

However, Maxwell managed to force his way in this time and gave the pair a right good soaking... with water from the toilet brush holder... where the toilet brush had been... erm, do this lot have any understanding of the concept of germs?

Obviously not, as Ant and Craig then emptied the brush holder from their loo, proceeded to fill it with water and went in pursuit of the enemy, drenching him in the kitchen with equally dodgy water.

Today, Big Brother has penalised dirty duo Max and Ant for their unsavoury antics, by telling them off and forcing them clean the place up with materials provided.

However, somewhat predictably the pair weren't taking things too seriously, with Anthony saying in the Diary Room, "(A) few pieces of s*** lying around the kitchen, where's the harm in that?"

So, they got off lightly this time, but at least hygiene freak Science made sure he gave the pair a right old earbashing about the incident upon challenging them earlier in the day. Good on 'ya, mate.

In light of the recent 'Scabgate' scandal, this pair were treading on dodgy ground with their latest buffoonery, but Anthony pretty much summed-up the Amigo's ethos and intelligence when he confessed to Big Bro, "We're a bunch of young, stupid idiots. Irresponsible lager louts who really haven't got any good general knowledge about anything important in life".

We have nothing more to add Your Entity. Verdict: Guilty. Case closed!

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