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Makosi's Pregnancy Revelation

Thinking about Makosi and Anthony's steamy antics in the pool the other night, the question on everyone's lips is: did they or didn't they? Well, Makosi has hinted today that they did!

Chatting to Team Makosi members Vanessa and Kemal in the Loft room today, the self-styled Zimbabwean Princess suggested that she went all the way with Anthony.

With mouths aghast, her two pals listened as she went-on to suggest that she may be pregnant, although how she could know so soon is beyond us.

Makosi then told the pair, "I need you guys to promise not to talk about it to anybody," receiving hugs of sympathy and assurances that they would remain tight-lipped.

The thing is, as far as we are concerned, what happened on Saturday night is still a bit vague; even Anthony doesn't know exactly what happened and he supposedly participated in the drunken shenanigans!

So, what's Makosi up to?

Of course, she might actually be pregnant. If so, Channel 4 (not us please) can expect a deluge of correspondence from 'concerned of the UK', lecturing about safe sex etc.

However, there is another train of thought that says she's just playing for attention and sympathy, either from her peers or from viewers; it's not clear.

If the latter case is correct, then Makosi may well have taken things a bit too far this time... but hang on a minute, take a look at what she said to her allies.

With her specifically insisting that Anthony shouldn't find out, could it be that the master game-player was just testing the integrity of Kemal and Vanessa? After all, that would seem to make sense and fits-in with how she's played the game up until now.

With Kemal and Vanessa having urged the 24-year-old nurse to ask Big Bro for a pregnancy test, surely the truth will out soon? Don't count on it though, because even when Makosi knows the result, it doesn't mean she'll tell us the truth!

You have to hand it to her, one way or another Makosi has had fans on the edge of their seats for most of this series, and it doesn't look likely to end just yet.

Highly controversial for sure, but brilliant! We're not referring to the actual issue here, just the amount of fuss Makosi has caused with it. What? You'd rather have the 'never say or do anything even slightly risky' BB4 housemates back?

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