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Holiday Rep Task: Failed

Today, Big Brother had noticed, as we did recently, that the 'Big Brother Holiday Camp' was something of a pigsty. So, the all-powerful one made the reps clear it up. And about time too!

As part of the latest task, reps Vanessa, Orlaith and Makosi were given two hours to complete the following chores:

ALL windows and mirrors to be cleaned,
ALL beds to be made,
ALL clothes to be folded nice and neatly,
ALL washing-up to be done,
ALL surfaces to be wiped down,
BOTH toilets to be thoroughly cleaned,
ALL carpets to be vacuumed and ALL floor surfaces swept and mopped.

Blimey, not TOO much then!

The trio weren't allowed any help from the holiday makers, aka the male housemates, and would incur a fail if the House wasn't ship shape and Bristol fashion within 120 minutes.

They immediately set about sprucing-up the gaf, but ultimately their efforts were in vain, for they'd already failed the task in spectacular fashion. Again!

Although they were allowed to incur a maximum of two fails per day, the reps unwittingly saw to it that the group incurred three per day, by not wearing the correct uniform. Maxwell also incurred a fail by helping to prepare food on the first day of the task.

As a consequence, the group has forfeited its luxury food budget for next week and the housemates will now live on a budget of just £1 per person per day.

So, it's goodbye to the booze and luxury tucker, and hello to chick peas and porridge! That'll please Maxwell... if he's still in the house by then.

The housemates later completed a Scrabble-style mini-task, where they had to make words from letters stuck to each other's bums (Big Bro, what are you on?), however it was a pointless exercise as they'd already failed the whole task.

We're sure lots of 'choice' words sprang to mind when the group heard the news!

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