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Who Goes Tonight? YOU Decide!

Tonight, having spent a total of five weeks in the Big Brother House, Maxwell and Saskia will be split-up, as one of the pair will definitely leave at the 5th Eviction of the series.

We said earlier in the week that the result would probably be quite close, but frankly Saskia has surged ahead in the Polls, mainly due to her outburst at Makosi aka the 'Cidergate' scandal.

However, Maxwell's recent aggressive behaviour towards Kemal has disgusted fans and there is definite scope for the result to be reversed today. It was previously 65/35% in favour if punting Saskia.

That said, even if the fans do decide to pick up the phone and vote to declare their disgust at Maxwell's bullying, it's much more likely that Saskia will still go, but perhaps with a lesser margin; something like 60%.

So, they are both hate figures now and whichever one leaves tonight, you can be sure that they'll get booed... BIG time. Davina might tell them that it's 'all panto' as usual, but for the first time this series the fans will be properly booing a hate figure.

It's not really worth placing a bet on the outcome of the 5th Eviction now, as even despite Maxwell's outburst which was aired last night, Saskia's odds are so low that your return will be next-to-nothing. You should have jumped in just after the nominees were announced.

However, if you fancy placing a bet and making a few 'quid like we have so far this series, you'd be better-off popping back on Saturday or Sunday (when the 'Next Eviction' market returns to the BlueSquare website) and try to predict who the next evictee might be.

We've successfully done this almost every week so far. Check-out our Betting Zone section for more details, where we've also detailed who we've backed to Win the series.

So, who stays, who goes? YOU decide!

The voting telephone and text numbers can be found within another story from Week 5 of our Latest News section.

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