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Is Craig Going Too Far?

Tonight, there was a habitual late-night bitching session in the lounge between the members of Team Saskia, but we wonder if Craig is going too far in support of his fellow team members? Especially as the team seems to be doomed now.

However, there lies the problem: that Team Saskia still think that they're in with a chance of winning the game.

We could understand Craig's flirting and sucking-up to Anthony when the former first switched sides, because he thought he was in with a chance of pulling him. Frankly, it was quite amusing to watch.

Even so, although that attention has definitely massaged Ant's ego, the number of times Craig offers compliments to the object of his desire is bordering on sick-making and seems a little bit creepy to us now.

But Craig hasn't just stopped at Anthony, as he continually 'bigs up' or compliments the other two members also, almost like a little schoolboy desperate to ingratiate himself with the 'in' crowd.

It really can be pathetic to watch and tonight for example, Craig was giving scores out of ten to Maxwell, complimenting Anthony's physique and repeatedly gushing that he loves Saskia.

What did he get back from them? Anthony cruelly suggesting in front of him that Team Makosi would rather vote for Craig over him, and Saskia saying, "For the first couple of weeks you were as boring as a snail. Dull". Max is always bullying him as well.

In the same conversation, cocky Anthony stated that he didn't think the two newbies would vote for him at the next round of nominations, and Craig wondered if the other team saw him as a threat yet. The arrogance, it seems, is catching.

Craig then pondered winning Big Brother 6, but Saskia was still convinced that Maxwell stands a good chance. They're in a world of there own, this lot.

So, with Craig going totally over the top criticising Team Makosi members, even referring to Vanessa as 'Miss Piggy - the fat b*tch' at one point tonight, we're wondering what's going to happen when Team Saskia finally falls apart.

Anthony, who is something of fence-sitter (or hypocrite?) will doubtless be able to weasel his way back into Team Makosi. Or, to put it another way, they will probably allow him back in the fold if Max and Saskia go first. However what of Craig?

Frankly, it might not be an issue, as the next few evictees will probably be: Saskia, Maxwell and Craig, so the Norfolk lad won't be the last remaining Team Saskia member anyway.

However, the camp crimper doesn't seem to have thought ahead and obviously hasn't realised that he's on a sinking ship. If he had, it would probably have been a good idea to remove his tongue from the butts of Anthony, Maxwell and Saskia, and be nicer to the other team.

Oh well, he's young. He'll learn (the hard way).

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