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'Scabgate' Scandal: The Truth?

We were rather hoping that this issue would have died down by now and to a certain extent, it has. However, we're still receiving e-mails about it and so we wanted to clarify things (in an effort to stop you e-mailing us! Please e-mail Channel 4 instead).

To be honest, Maxwell's revelation that he put a scab into Science's food has been one of the most controversial things to ever happen in the history of Big Brother. Seriously.

We received so many e-mails that at one point, we couldn't cope. Also, our own Discussion Forum went into a complete frenzy over the alleged incident at first. However, there was no incident according to Max.

Big Brother called the cockney geezer to the Diary Room and quizzed him over what had gone on, but Maxwell denied that he'd done anything, saying, "I was messing about... I didn't do nothing. I was only winding them up".

He claimed that he was thinking about doing it, but then thought better of it. However, quite frankly, we're not convinced.

You may be wondering why Big Bro doesn't just review its video-tapes and see what went on, but let us explain: basically, as far as we are aware only two story lines can be recorded at any one time.

So, if someone was in the Diary Room at the time of the alleged incident, and another housemate was doing something interesting/ funny out in the garden at the same time, Max's antics probably wouldn't have been recorded.

You might expect the programme makers to have a bank of high-powered computers recording all the cameras. This is especially-so when you consider that your local petrol station probably manages to record at least 4 cameras at the same time!

However, for Big Brother, which is screened live around the clock, they need to edit, censor and broadcast the images in near real-time, so you can see how compromises have to be made somewhere along the line.

If C4 were 100% sure what had happened, surely Big Bro wouldn't have needed to ask the question, unless the, ahem, 'all-seeing' one was just testing of course?

The broadcaster hasn't issued a statement about it, so we'll probably never know.

You've just got to consider: would Max have lied to his good pals in that way, without revealing the truth afterwards, if it was just a big joke? To us, it was more like he was bragging, not kidding around.

Anyway, Max's flippant comment that 'Science was still alive' doesn't really cut it, so you can be sure that BB will be keeping a close eye on his antics over the coming weeks...

...let's just hope the omnipresent one remembers to set the video this time!

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