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Maxwell Gets Aggressive With Kemal

Maxwell’s cavorting with Saskia caused some friction into the early hours of Day 35 which very nearly ended in a punch-up.

As the amorous pair fumbled around under the sheets again, Kemal decided that he’d had enough of all the noise and lashed-out in a verbal assault.

"Is this ordeal ever going to end so we can get some bloody sleep? I'm sure you've secured your magazine deal," snapped Kemal, making sure he got a bitchy comment in there!

"You're the biggest p***k in the world," shouted a disbelieving Maxwell, backed-up by mouth-almighty Saskia who called the belly dancer a ‘w***er’.

Then things got cranked up a notch when Max threw a glass of water over Kemal, shouting, "There's your f*****g ordeal".

"At least somebody got wet tonight... and it wasn't Saskia," sniped a soaked Kemal in response, providing the best quote of the series so far!

But Maxwell, having had his sexual prowess questioned, went ballistic, pulled Kemal’s duvet off the bed and said, "What's your f*****g problem?"

The aggressive Londoner was clearly looking for a physical fight, although he'd arguably picked on the housemate least likely to give him one.

After listening to yet more insults from the aggressive pair, Kemal just shut-up prompting Team Saskia to convene a meeting whereby they predictably bitched about his comments.

The whole thing was definitely a step too far from Maxwell; surely Big Bro would have to do something about his O.T.T. behaviour this time?

Yep, the cocky Londoner received an Official warning about his aggressive and potentially violent behaviour, and rightly so.

Frankly, we think that Big Brother should make an example of Max and kick him out of the House and many fans will no doubt feel the same way.

Keep it here to find out what happens next.

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