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Should They Vacate The Secret Garden?

The introduction of newbie housemates Eugene, Kinga and Orlaith last night was a cracking move, but we’re already wondering when they’ll be vacating the Secret Garden.

Soon, we hope.

Frankly, there’s not much to do in there and we can see that Kinga is raring to unleash herself on the rest of the housemates, having already threatened to get in-between Maxwell and Saskia.... which can only be a good thing.

Meanwhile, all Orlaith can do is look in the mirror and make sure she looks stunning (she does), while Eugene is boring the pants off, well, his fig leaf adorned pants!

Actually, we don’t know what to make of Eugene as he really is the king of all nerds. Honorary Professor of Geeky Behaviour Jon Tickle has nothing on this guy.

Tonight, Eugene was wheeling out one boring comment after another and his repertoire of conversation left a lot to be desired… and Orlaith almost comatose.

Topics he covered included an explanation of the properties of sound-proofing material, an analysis of how Big Brother made the ‘Quiet’ sign and an extremely lame anecdote about his antics at Uni, detailing how fire extinguishers resemble soda syphons.

Subjected to this drivel after Kinga had left the room, Orlaith sprinkled the one-way conversation with ‘Uh-huh’, ‘Yeh?’ and ‘That’s hilarious’, blatantly not listening to a word the man was saying.

He’s kind of funny to watch though and we wonder what the rest of the housemates would make of him.

So, come on Big Bro: get them in the House and let’s get it on.

We hope the all-seeing entity isn’t planning to drag-out the newbies Secret Garden experience all week, as it will definitely lose momentum by mid-week.

In fact, we’d like to see the two chosen newbies become part of the game proper by Monday night. Or perhaps BB should just throw-in all three newbies and see what happens?

After all, the fans will inevitably regret not choosing the one they reject, if indeed it’s the fans who get to vote, not the housemates themselves. Big Bro hasn’t said yet.

Anyway, stick with BBO to find out what happens next.

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