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It's Party Time For The Newbies

The two newest housemates have joined the group tonight in something of a shock move for everyone except Makosi.

At around 8.15pm Makosi was called to the Diary Room and asked to name the person she'd like evicted. As her peers sat watching on the plasma screen in the living area, they got a surprise when she said the name 'Kinga'.

Uh? Who?

Eugene and Orlaith, who had no idea that they'd be moving tonight, then joined Makosi in the Diary Room and were told the good news. Meanwhile, a confused and concerned Saskia said, "We are the main house aren't we?"

"I'm quite shocked, but really chuffed," said Eugene, who'd previously got upset, wondering if he'd done the right thing by coming on the show. Orlaith thanked Makosi and said, "You did so well".

It was then time to introduce her new pals to everyone else, and as Makosi led them in, she explained what she'd been up-to for the past few days.

Makosi was now free to discuss the secret mission, although she fibbed about the fact (or not) that she'd picked the pair from a line-up of 10 wanabee housemates. She just can't help herself!

Immediately, the excited housemates gathered around the newbies and Anthony, who was suspected of being gay at one point, could hardly wait to get chatting to stunning model Orlaith. Suffice to say that would-be boyfriend Craig had his nose put out-of-joint by the Irish girl's arrival.

Saskia didn't know what to say, especially when she saw Orlaith wearing her tracksuit, although she did see the funny side of it shortly after. Feeling guilty and back-peddling for all she was worth, the gobby Londoner later apologised to Makosi for last night's 'Cidergate' outburst.

It was then 'Paaaaaaarty Time' for the group and everyone enjoyed themselves as they pigged-out, got drunk and danced the night away to their favourite tunes.

And there were some unlikely pairings on the dancefloor as Anthony did his usual body-popping moves, Makosi shook her booty in the best Beyonce stylie and technical bod Eugene ably demonstrated how to do geek-dancing.

What? You thought he was gonna' be Michael Jackson? Get outta' here!

So, for five minutes at least, the two teams and the two newbies were united in having fun, but how long will the honeymoon period last?

Stick with BBO to find out.

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