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It's Nomination Day And Two Are Banned

Today, for the fifth time this series, the nomination process took place but once again it wasn't straight forward.

Most weeks so far (with the exception of last week), Big Bro has tampered with the procedure, either putting the whole group up for nomination, offering immunity to someone or preventing certain housemates from voting.

In Week 1, Makosi had the secret mission to rile everyone and garner the most votes, thereby making her immune from eviction when she successfully did so.

In Week 2, Vanessa talked about nominations to Lesley and consequently the whole group were put up for eviction; Lesley got the boot.

For Week 3 the culprits were Craig, Derek and Roberto, who's gossiping about Saskia earned them a ban from nominating after their gossipy gabfest was shown to the whole group on the plasma screen.

So, we've reached Week 5 now and whilst Makosi has been given immunity from possible eviction, two housemates have been banned from nominating: Anthony and Maxwell.

At nomination time the pair were called to the Diary Room as usual, but penalised by the all-seeing entity for discussing nominations and told that they wouldn't be allowed to vote.


Big Brother detailed the pair's incriminating discussions, which included a conversation where Anthony matter-of-factly stated, "At the end of the day, they're going to get votes off us aswell".

That's discussing nominations Ant and you can't do that. Caught red-handed my son.

The news of their ban came as a huge blow to Ant and Maxwell personally, but was absolutely devastating news for Team Saskia. In fact, the leader herself was horrified that four of the Team's eight votes wouldn't count, probably fearing the worst for herself.

Oh well, you play with fire, you get burnt. End of. Game over... or it might well be for Saskia or Maxwell this Friday!

The nominees and details of 'who voted for whom' will be detailed in another article soon.

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