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The Tension Is Making Them Fume

Things are getting tense in the Secret Garden and so Eugene has been trying to play peacemaker today. Bless him.

It's one thing living in the BB House with a number of people and never being able to leave the confines of the compound; but it's an entirely different matter being confined to just one room with a couple of other people, as the newbies are finding out.

Last night, words were had between the girls in the Secret Garden after their boozing sesh' with Makosi, and today, Orlaith was like a bear with a sore head. Well, a sore throat actually.

As Kinga proceeded to light up a ciggy, provided by Makosi earlier-on and stolen from Del Boy, Orlaith asked her to smoke it in the toilet.

Kinga duly obliged, which gave the Irish newbie a chance to have a good whinge about her busty fellow garden-dweller.

"I don't want to be passive smoking in here," said the model, exhibiting a bossy side that we're sure to see more of soon. However, Eugene remained impartial, tactfully saying, "It would be much better to do it outside. I'm not too bothered as it's only one cigarette, but I can fully appreciate your standpoint".

When Kinga returned, calmer for having had a puff, she apologised if she'd upset the others, saying that she just needed to calm herself down.

In response, Eugene acknowledged that they were probably all doing annoying things, but then proceeded to hold two empty cans on top of his head and, whether intentional on not, become the annoying office moron character 'Colin Hunt' from the Fast Show.

"I am an alien. Ning, ning, ning," said the self-confessed geek, making Orlaith role her eyes in sheer despair.

We presume that Orlaith doesn't actually smoke, but we've got a feeling she might take up the stress-calming habit soon if she has to stay close to this pair for too much longer!

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