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What Are The Odds Of A Reconciliation?

The House is well and truly divided after tonight’s BIG bust-up, but it’s not Big Brother’s fault this time!

During Big Brother 3, the all-seeing entity controversially put glass bars up to divide the House into two groups. This series, the housemates have done it for themselves.

Fair enough, Big Brother has helped things along with the latest secret mission, but after the argument tonight there is absolutely no chance of Team Saskia members being friends with the other Team.

That all sounds a bit pathetic and it probably is, but après-barney Craig was ranting in the lounge, saying that he wouldn’t even speak to any of the other lot from now on.

Meanwhile, Vanessa was saying virtually the same thing in the bedroom as she pledged her allegiance to Makosi. The others agreed that Team Saskia kicking off like that was not on and they'd even gone out to back Science up as he tackled Craig.

So, tonight, ‘Team Makosi’ was well-and-truly formed, with members Kemal, Science and Vanessa in full support of their beautiful leader.

Granted, Del Boy was trying not to get too involved in things, but he was supportive and we can’t see him going against Makosi any time soon. Effectively, he’s a member of the Team, although perhaps not confirmed?

In light of her explosive behaviour tonight, Saskia predicted that she would be up for eviction this Friday and it’s hard to disagree with her.

Especially when you consider that Makosi will be immune from eviction this week, so Team Saskia’s inevitable votes for the nurse will be wasted.

The bookies seem to think that Maxwell is in with a chance of winning BB6 and some fans think that Craig is also. However, frankly we think we’ve just witnessed the beginning of the end for their entire Team.

So, if you fancy beating the bookies and making a few ‘quid, you could do a lot worse than backing Team Makosi members to Win Big Brother 6.

The most recent odds (Sunday pm) for the ‘Outright Winner’ were as follows, although please remember that they change all the time and what happened tonight will almost certainly affect things.

Also, this market may not be available again until after the Secret Garden newbies have entered the House proper. Check out the links below to find out:

Derek - 8/1
Kemal - 7/2
Makosi - 5/1
Science - 8/1
Vanessa - 33/1

Anthony - 6/1
Craig - 8/1
Maxwell - 6/1
Saskia - 10/1

So, at those odds, £25 staked on Makosi would return you £150 if she were to win BB6. £25 staked on Derek or Science would return you £225 if either were to win. £50 staked on Kemal would return the same amount of £225 if he wins BB6.

Upping the stakes, £100 on Kemal would see a return of £450 if he wins, and a £100 stake on Makosi would return you £600 if she wins.

It’s quick and easy to place a bet online, and if you’re a new customer, when you’ve placed your first bet of £25 or more you’ll get a FREE £25 bet added to your account… so you can have another go!

To visit our dedicated Betting Zone section, click here. To go straight to the bookie’s website, click here and head for the Specials/ TV Specials section.

Good Luck!

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