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'Cidergate': The Big Bust-up

There’s been a massive argument tonight which began with Maxwell challenging Makosi, but snowballed into a ‘Them’ versus ‘Us’ ball-out session.

Last year, during Big Brother 5, there was a huge bust-up halfway through the game because the housemates had been drinking. Tonight, we saw the Big Brother 6 equivalent, but it happened because the housemates hadn’t been drinking. Read on…

Big Brother called a housemate to the Diary Room and Makosi beat a peeved Maxwell to the door. Once inside, she was provided with a stack of cider for the housemates to drink.

However, taking into account the fact that the group were expecting some booze, but knowing how much Maxwell really wanted it, the tricky housemate decided to take it to the newbies in the Secret Garden instead.

Love it!

When she returned at 12.15am having been gone for about an hour, Makosi giggled away as she told Vanessa that she’d drunk all the grog herself. Not quite true, but she’d certainly had a fair bit.

Kemal and Vanessa looked bemused and amused at the same time, with the latter hugging her pal upon hearing the outrageous news.

"Oh my God, her mouth reeks of cider!" shrieked Vanessa, adding that Makosi must have downed at least 5 cans of the stuff.

But Maxwell wasn’t taking it so lightly and quickly arrived to find out what was going on. Science just laughed, but Craig wasn’t finding anything funny, prompting Makosi to mock him.

Then, Maxwell stormed back into the room to confront the tipsy housemate, aggressively shouting, "Did you drink all those ciders in there? Why did you do that?"

"’Cos I wanted to," came Makosi’s stern reply, prompting Max to dub her a ‘silly little girl’. With that, in came mouth-almighty herself (Saskia) to tear into Makosi.

With a face like thunder, the enraged PR girl went off on one, shouting, "You are a selfish bi**h who’ll go nowhere in life". The words ‘pot’ and ‘kettle’ sprang to mind.

Anthony said nothing, but Saskia accused Makosi of being ‘fake like her hair’, while Science took-on Craig in a verbal dust-up.

However, the Tweedle-trio couldn't get the better of Makosi, who was easily capable of standing up to them during their most heated argument yet.

Shortly after, in the lounge, Team Saskia were ranting, raving and discussing nominations, with their leader saying, "I’m angry like you wouldn’t believe". She was apparently more concerned for Max than for herself. Yeah, right.

Meanwhile, the other group were in the bedroom discussing what had just happened. Laughing at the events and reflecting on their ability to win any slanging match against Team Saskia, Kemal noted, "There’s five of us and there’s four of them".

However, what he doesn’t know is that there’ll soon be seven on Makosi’s side most probably, as she's been befriending the Secret Garden newbies ever since Saturday.

It was a really explosive evening and made for truly compelling TV, but quite frankly with so many selfish people in the House we’ve been building-up to something like this for weeks.

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