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Something's Going On!

As Makosi spent ages in the Diary Room tonight (or so they thought), the bedroom crew were becoming more and more suspicious that something fishy has been going on lately.

Of course, we all know that Makosi was chatting away in the Secret Garden with Eugene, Kinga and Orlaith, but her peers just thought she was taking ages in the Diary Room.

Even so, no-one needs to talk to Big Bro for that long, so in light of Makosi pressing the big red button yesterday, the rumours started to fly tonight.

Kemal has already visited the Diary Room recently to say that although he's not psychic, he felt that something 'big' was going to happen this week.

That's no surprise really, as our recent 'New Housemate Rumours: Are They True?' story pointed-out that a new housemate often arrives in Week 4 or 5, which ardent fans of the show would already know.

Tonight, there was lots of talk about 'expect the unexpected' and something significant happening imminently, with one housemate even suggesting that someone new might be arriving this week. Spot on.

"Something's going on," said Vanessa. "Something's going on," said Kemal. "Something's going on," said Derek, in a weird temporary loop-type moment.

Do you think they're suspicious by any chance?!

Too right, but they're suspicions are well-founded, because we all know that sometime soon their numbers will be boosted by two. On that note, we wonder whether Big Brother should revise its plans.

What we like about Big Brother this year is the fact that the all-seeing entity seems to be adapting to changes in the House. Even though it must have planned its stunts months in advance, it all seems to be more spontaneous.

So, we wonder if the omnipresent one should recognise the divide in the House and let the two newbies draw straws to determine which group they'll join.

According to which straw they draw (the short one being Saskia, obviously), they would then be given a secret mission of their own, to spend a minimum amount of time each day with either Makosi/ Kemal or Saskia/ Maxwell.

We haven't really thought it through, it's just that otherwise things are likely to become really predictable when they finally make it into the House: they will both join forces with Team Makosi and won't interact with Team Saskia at all.

So, why not make them muscle their way in and interact? Are you listening Big Bro?

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