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Makosi Goes On A Secret (Garden) Mission

This afternoon Makosi unwittingly volunteered herself for another secret mission, again potentially putting herself up for eviction if she fails.

At around 3pm today, Big Brother placed a big red button outside the Diary Room with the words 'PLEASE DO NOT PRESS' written alongside it. As the excited housemates busied themselves trying to work out what it was all about, Makosi jumped-in and gave it a press, beating Science to it.

An alarm went off immediately and the game-playing 24-year-old was called to the Diary Room, where she received details of her fate.

Makosi was told that was now automatically up for eviction next Friday, and that the only way she could save herself was to successfully complete a Secret Mission: to food, clothe and tend to the newbies in the Secret Garden.

"Makosi, you've done it again," said the despairing button pusher, but nevertheless accepted the mission and was soon on her way to meet Eugene, Kinga and Orlaith through a hidden door, 'Narnia style'.

"I hope there's a good looking straight guy," speculated Makosi... don't get your hopes up darlin'!

Throughout the day today, Makosi has taken the newbies stolen, er, 'borrowed' clothes, food, moisturiser and that essential of all essential Secret Garden items, lip gloss.

As the day went on, Makosi learned that she would have to sneak her new pals through the House so that they could take a shower, but none of the other housemates were allowed to catch on.

Lots of discussion ensued about the best course of action, and it was decided that their sortie would go ahead after Anthony's gang went to bed, but before Del Boy got up. So, about 5.30am.

Makosi said that she'd try and find-out when the oldest housemate usually gets up, but it was thought to be as early as 6am sometimes. The problem being that Anthony, Craig and Maxwell have been known to stay up until 7am.

So, can she do it?

If not, then Makosi will face eviction for sure, although she told the newbies that she will be evicted for sure, just to put the pressure on. If Makosi completes the mission, she will be immune from eviction this week.

Good luck gal.

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