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Missing Mary

She may have lasted just one week in the game, but 1st Evictee Mary O’Leary was being remembered tonight, nearly three weeks after she left the Big Brother House.

It seems a lifetime ago that the weird psychic was sent packing, but with Del, Kemal and Vanessa sat chatting in the bedroom tonight, Science reminisced about Mary’s 7-day stay.

Noting that she'd threatened to leave for the first few days, Science light-heartedly recalled that Mary wound him up by claiming there was a ghost above his bed.

A ‘character’ had been well and truly lost when she departed, was Kemal’s deduction.

The enthusiastic belly dancer then reflected on the only housemate to have a Birthday during the series so far, saying, "It would have been fun if she’d stayed for longer".

When the group tried to work out how old she was, someone correctly said ‘31’, to which Kemal amusingly responded, "In human years".

Erm, what else, dog years?

Actually, he meant that the woman dubbed ‘Scary Mary‘ by the Press may have had a different spiritual age, but even he wasn’t 100% sure what he was talking about!

The group then talked about the fantastic reception Mary got from the crowd at her eviction, before Makosi brought up the ‘fluffy dog’ incident where Mary bizarrely claimed that her dog was set to enter the House.

In fact, she just made that up for a joke… one that went badly wrong and caused a ruck with Saskia (who hates dogs).

Makosi stated that Mary is the one person she would definitely like to talk-to when she gets out, partly to ask her if she really is a witch or not.

The most mysterious housemate thought that Mary was just acting at being a white witch, and so did Derek. Kemal, however, was a believer in Mary’s claimed status.

Recalling the late arrival of her broomstick, Kemal had the final word to say on 'the one with the starey eyes':

"She’s a 'good' witch, but she can’t make a love potion."

Be careful what you say guys. She might just cast a spell you on from the outside and bring you bad luck on nomination day!

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