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Housemates Dupe Max To Pass Task

The group has passed the Room 101 Task and will therefore get a whopping £252 shopping budget for next week. Yippee!

Between Sunday and Wednesday, nine of the housemates pretended that they were working each day, when in reality they were living it up, playing games and eating luxury confectionary.

'Sap' Maxwell completed his third-and-final shift yesterday afternoon, but things were touch and go for a while: the non-workers had been drinking wine in the garden and when they met back up with the sober maintenance man, some were a little worse for wear!

First, worker No.2 aka Craig emerged from the Workhouse clearly a bit squiffy. He walked over and cuddled Max and was acting a bit weird, prompting the No.1 worker to say, "What's the matter with your eyes, you nutter?"

However, when Makosi emerged from the workhouse she could barely stand up, let alone walk. She was totally sozzled!

Wearing dark glasses, she made her way over to Derek and proceeded to talk utter gibberish, before being swiftly ushered to the bedroom for a lie down. Luckily, Max was oblivious to her drunken condition.

The housemates didn't actually know what Max had been up to this time, as they weren't shown anything on the plasma screen as usual. So, in a cunning move they put a bit of everything on their hands and/ or just claimed that they were doing different work than him, which was feasible.

Today, Max was called to the Diary Room to answer some questions about his Room 101 experience, which was his final test by Big Brother.

Because he didn't know anything about his fellow housemates' shirking (or wisely pretended not to know), the group had passed the task and were awarded a shopping budget of £4 per person per day, not £1 as it would have been.

However, what with the impending eviction on Friday night, it's just a shame that one of them won't be around to enjoy it.

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