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New Housemate Rumours: Are They True?

There's been lots of speculation lately about whether a new housemate will arrive in the Big Brother House sometime soon. So, let's try and work out if it's likely to happen.

Well, if you consider that an extra housemate has been added during every series so far, it gives you a pretty good indication.

During Series 1, flirty florist Claire Strutton came-in to replace disgraced housemate 'Nasty Nick' Bateman, who was kicked-out by Big Bro for cheating.

Gay housemate Josh Rafter was voted-in by the public during the 2nd series, presumably as a love interest for the eventual Winner, Brian Dowling.

For Series 3, the first replacement contestant was Sophie 'Alright Mate' Pritchard, who arrived after drippy trainee Barrister Sunita Sharma quit in Week 1. Sophie became a bit of a limpet to muscleman Lee Davey.

Then, during the same series, posh replacement housemate Tim 'Gingerwatch' Culley arrived in Week 4 after boring Scot Sandy Cumming scaled a wall and left the show.

Ugandan 'Big Brother Africa' contestant Gaetano Kagwa came into the BB House briefly during Series 4, when he was exchanged for eventual Winner Cameron Stout for a few days in Week 5.

Series 4 also saw another extra contestant, Lisa 'Two Fingers' Jeynes, who came in at the beginning of Week 6 after a double eviction. She famously tried to impress her peers by ridiculously claiming that she could kill with just two fingers!

Last year's series also saw an additional person enter the game half-way through. Trainee florist Becki Seddiki entered the House in Week 5 (Emma had been sent home prior to that) and was responsible for the 'Judas kiss' which put Michelle Bass up for eviction.

So, it looks likely that someone will enter the House soon, especially as a senior insider recently tipped us the wink when quizzed about it. But, who will it be and will they actually stand a chance of winning this time?

The producers are probably keen to avoid the same situation that occurred during BB4, when all the girls were picked off one-by-one and a male winner looked likely half-way through. If so, then it would make sense to put a new female in, because we've already lost three female contestants so far during BB6.

However, rather than just putting one blonde, flirty female in, why don't they put a few new people in, perhaps both genders? Then, the housemates could spend a day with the newbies and decide which one they want to keep.

This way, the newbie stands half-a-chance of surviving and maybe even winning? After all, anyone entering the House any time after Day 1 is usually a veritable lamb to the slaughter, biding their time until they inevitably get booted-out as soon as possible.

So, the rumours of a fourteenth housemate arriving, as predicted by Craig, look set to come true. But as for 'who, when and how', we have no idea.

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