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Kemal's Unsure About Makosi

Kemal was feeling suspicious about his pal Makosi today and so went for a chat first with Big Brother, and then with the girl herself.

Talking to Big Bro in the Diary Room, the cautious belly dancer said of Makosi, "I feel like I don't really know her".

Granted, the self-styled 'Princess' of the House is very enigmatic, complicated and hard to work out, so we can sympathise.

But Kemal, who has joked before that his middle name is 'Diva', was adamant that he wouldn't be upstaged in the dramatics department.

"Though she's my friend and though she's fab, there can only be room for one diva, and naturally that diva is always going to be me!"

The fuzzy-haired one then warned that he could stir things up for Makosi if she crossed him.

Later, into the early hours of Day 27, Kemal and Makosi had a chat whereupon the Turkish-born housemate said, "I love you Makosi, I love you so much I don't think you understand".

He put forward the notion that the pair were very alike, although admitted that she was a very complicated character to understand.

Kemal then claimed that he wasn't expecting anyone else to be like him to be in the house i.e. dramatic, complicated.

Makosi then went all spiritual and, hinting at some kind of divine force, said, "Me happening to you could be for a specific reason. You needed me to show you that at the end of the day, you're not in control but still fabulous. It's happening to you for a reason".

Erm, how about because he applied to be on the show and because you're a control freak Makosi?

The pair finished their strange conversation with a hug, but we wait to find out if there's any more trust on Kemal's part after their little pow pow...

...more to the point, whether Makosi will betray that trust or not.

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