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Nominees Announced For 4th Eviction

Yesterday was 4th Nomination Day and for the first time this series, the procedure was not tampered-with by Big Brother.

The ten housemates went in-turn to the Diary Room to give their nominations, and the result is that this week's nominees are: Derek and Roberto.

So, it seems that the two main culprits in the cheating scandal last Monday, two of the three people who were banned from nominating at the last round, have been penalised by the group. Craig, it seems, has been let off for his part in the gossiping.

Here's who everyone voted-for, with the number of votes they received this week in brackets. We'll be detailing the Nominations in full detail in another story soon, also accessible shortly via the contestant profiles above.

Anthony (2) - Derek and Vanessa
Craig (0) - Makosi & Derek
Derek (6) - Maxwell & Anthony
Kemal (1) - Roberto & Science
Makosi (1) - Science & Anthony
Maxwell (1) - Derek & Roberto
Roberto (4) - Vanessa & Kemal
Saskia (0) - Derek & Roberto
Science (3) - Derek & Roberto
Vanessa (2) - Science & Derek

So, Derek received 6 votes, the same as Roberto got last week, and this is therefore the political expert's third week in a row facing possible eviction.

Thinking about which one of the pair is likely to get the 'boot, it's not clearcut this time. In our recent 'Who Do You Most Want To See Evicted Next?' fun Poll, fans wanted rid of Maxwell the most, with the cocky Londoner polling 22% of the vote.

However, Derek was next on the 'hit list' receiving 14%, equal with Science and Vanessa. Roberto polled just 10%, close behind Saskia's 12%.

The point of all this is that Roberto is not disliked as much as Derek. That said, expect the result to be quite close; it's not as though Del Boy will get 80% and Roberto 20% in the public vote or anything like that. Least, we don't think so!

Of course, things could change over the next couple of days according to what footage is shown on Channel 4 and how the show's editors want to steer things. Roberto may go if he's shown in bad light.

If you fancy a flutter on the 4th Eviction, why not head over to our Betting Zone section to check-out the latest odds and get yourself a FREE £25 Bet? The 'Next To Go' market should appear back in the TV Specials section soon.

Remember though, with it being just a two horse race at this stage, the odds might be low; to back Derek and make anything reasonable out of it you'd probably have to put down well over £50, possibly over £100.

If you'd gone for a speculative bet last weekend, however, before the 4th Nominations had even taken place, you could have staked just £40 on Derek becoming the 4th Evictee and expected to make a profit of £55 (plus your £40 back).

A £100 stake placed last weekend on Del Boy would have made you £137 profit (plus your stake back) if he goes this Friday. This is the way to make decent money, although obviously it's more risky. Visit our Betting Zone section for more info.

So, who stays, who goes? YOU decide!

Voting lines are now open and will remain-so until Friday night. The voting phone and text numbers are detailed in another story within our Latest News section.

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