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Has Craig Switched Sides?

Alliegiences between housemates appear to be changing as the game progresses, causing confusion over who's really friends with who?

Certain housemates have always floated between the different fractions, but now someone appears to have blatantly switched sides.

Take Craig for example: originally, we thought he was a member of the early-stages Harem, comprising Kemal, Lesley and Vanessa.

The camp 20-year-old went-on to form Team Britney with the girls, ousting Kemal as the centre of attention, but remaining a sub-division of an extended Harem including floating members Derek and Makosi.

However lately, Craig seems to be spending more and more time with the Three Amigos, even though Maxwell takes the micky out him all the time and Anthony often seems uncomfortable around the gay Norfolk boy.

Tonight, Vanessa told Makosi that her friendship with Craig is not what it was. "Team Britney has definitely diminished," said the sad student.

But then the knives really came out as Vanessa unleashed wrath on her former close pal.

"In the first two weeks he spent the entire time bitching about Maxwell, Anthony and Saskia, but the night Sam leaves he's licking their a***s. I was scared to say it before, but he's making himself look like a t**t."

Vanessa then suggested that The Three Amigos are just using Craig, and that he is too thick to see it.

We have to admit, Craig does seem to spend a lot of time hanging-on to every word they say lately, and takes lots of stick in the process.

As if to prove Vanessa's point, later-on in the early hours of the morning, Max, Saskia and Anthony told Craig that he was one of them now. After telling the others that he was never friends with Vanessa, Craig announced: "Saskia's converted me to the good side".

So, he's left Team Britney and joined The Three Amigos, amusingly dubbed 'Saskia's Huskies' by Derek recently. The thing is, what Craig must remember is that the public will decide his fate and BB fans don't like two-faced turncoats.

Actually, we were just wondering what would happen if Maxwell got kicked-out this week, and we speculated that their little group would disintegrate, forcing Saskia and Anthony to join the others.

Now though, it seems Craig has bolstered their numbers, ensuring their little clique thrives for a little while yet.

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