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It’s Hard Work, Lying For Big Brother

Approaching 2am in the early hours of Day 25, the Three Amigos (Maxwell, Saskia and Anthony) were chatting in the Loft room about their commitment for the latest task.

Evidently trying to gauge how well Max was coping so far, Anthony asked his cockney pal if he thought it was a demanding task, but Max was fine with it.

"I think it’s weird having to wear headphones," said Max, referring to his stint sorting maggots earlier in the day.

But his two non-working buddies knew the real reason for the cans: to quash any chance of Maxwell hearing everyone messing about and having a good time outside!

Obviously, they couldn’t say a word and the pair went along with Big Bro’s sneaky scheme, with Anthony saying about the maggots, "They were really wriggly, weren’t they?"

Of course, we know that the Geordie lad hasn’t been near a single maggot all day, but Maxwell definitely doesn’t, mistakenly believing that the whole group were working.

He had earlier asked Saskia if the maggots discoloured her fingers and she had no choice but to bite her tongue and play along.

After Max suggested that the group might take it in turns to work tomorrow, Saskia refuted the idea, saying that they'd probably all go to work at the same time.

Again, she knew full well that they wouldn’t be taking turns, but Maxwell must continue to believe that all the housemates are involved in the task, not riding around on Space Hoppers as they were today!

The only way to perpetuate the lie, is for the maintenance man to think that everyone is working simultaneously.

Before Saskia left the room to hit the sack, Max said that the thought of a bumper shopping budget next week would drive him on to complete the task.

Ho hum. It’s all work and no play when you’re a ‘Sap!’

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