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Group Task: All Aboard BB's Pirate Ship

For the latest group task Big Bro has turned the House into a pirate ship, aka the Big Brother Tall Ship.

This morning, the all-seeing entity decided to wake the soon-to-be pretend seafarers up with a blast of 'What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor'. They were not especially impressed.

Throughout this week, the housemates will become pirates with one of the remaining eleven being designated Captain. The Cap'n will be responsible for running a tight ship, but won't do any hard graft.

Hmm, we can think of a few bossy candidates for that position, but Admiral 'Big Beard' (that'll be Big Bro then) already has a Captain in place following a game of short straws involving swords.

It's Science, God help 'em!

The shipmates must keep a watch 24-hours-a-day from the Crow's Nest, formerly known as the Loft room, guarding the decks, keeping a look-out for land and watching-out for flags, which will pop-up periodically.

Donning their costumes, certain pirates were more at ease than others, with Sam particularly unhappy over the rather plain, brown-and-white look. Get over it dear, pirates didn't have GAP in their day!

If the shipmates pass the task they'll be rewarded with a map leading them to some hidden treasure, which all sounds rather intriguing. In fact, we're itching to find-out what the bounty is, but can they succeed?

Well, you can expect some shivering of timbers, plenty of main-brace splicing and a smidgen of swash-buckling over the next few days... that's BBO's special pirate code for breaking the rules, bitching and arguing! Hey ho.

Forget cannons, we reckon that putting Science in charge is akin to lighting the fuse paper and standing well back. So, stick with BBO to find out if we're set for an 'explosive' few days of sailing onboard Big Bro's Pirate Ship.

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