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Sam: The Davina Interview

Davina began by asking Sam how she was feeling in light of her eviction and Sam said that she was feeling okay. But mischievous Davina was about to take the mick...

For, having donned a sparkly black Mac during the advert break, Davina claimed she was a bit hot and whipped the coat off to reveal a bikini-clad body. Phwoooar!

The mum of two is undoubtedly very toned and her fantastic little stunt seemed to be a combination of pride in getting herself so fit, a bid to push her fitness DVD and a bit of fun at Sam’s expense.

Whatever, we weren’t complaining at the very brave move and neither were the studio audience, who went ballistic at the site of the 37-year-old host’s six-pack stomach!

Davina then began the interview proper, asking Sam why she thought it wouldn’t be her leaving this week. "I thought the public wouldn’t like someone like Roberto as much (as me)," came the reply.

Sam then stated that she didn’t get on with girls like Lesley, but had bonded with Makosi. She described Kemal as a sweetheart and Craig as 'lovely'.

It was then time to take a look at the nominations, with a VT showing Anthony mocking Sam by talking from his bum, plus Maxwell and Vanessa’s Diary Room comments.

Watching the footage, the 3rd Evictee looked a little gutted and said she was shocked by what Vanessa had to say.

The host then showed Sam a VT of her constantly being dressed in a bikini, including Del Boy's quote, "Even if Sam was on the snow slopes, she would still get into a tight bikini".

Davina then posed the rhetorical question, "You did like a bit of a sing-song didn’t you?" which amused the studio audience. In response, Sam claimed that she didn’t think that footage would ever get shown. Der!

A VT was then shown featuring Sam’s terrible singing, including her efforts on Day 4 to sing ‘(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life’

When quizzed about her singing ability, Sam admitted that she used to think she could sing well but claimed she was just ‘taking the pi**’ whilst in the house.

Going-on to state that her Dad wanted to get her singing lessons at one point, quick-witted Davina replied, "I’m not surprised!"

But the game 'gal showed she was a good sport when asked if she was trying to sing properly on Day 4, to which Sam replied, "(Yeh) I WAS!"

Davina then showed a VT of the cringe-making lap dance from a couple of nights ago, where Sam failed to turn-on her indifferent punter Anthony. Sam giggled away at the embarrassing spectacle.

When asked what she thought about her ex-housemates, Sam stated that originally she fancied Ant but doesn’t now, she thought Max was alright, Rob was sweet but annoying, she was undecided about Del and thought Craig was lovely.

Sam was disappointed with Vanessa, who she thought was one of the more interesting people in the House, and said of Saskia, "She’s not my sort of girl to be honest".

Having stated that she loved Makosi (but not in a literal sense), Sam claimed that the Zimbabwean beauty was a better snogger than Anthony.

Reflecting on her 3-week-long Big Brother experience, Sam said that she’d learned not to give a f*** what people think about her. Amen to that.

Lastly, Davina couldn’t let Sam go before asking about the ‘box’ incident; it had been widely speculated that she'd masturbated once inside. However, Sam denied the suggestion, saying, "That was a joke to put Anthony off… I didn’t do it!"

So, that was Sam... No more flowery bikinis. No more Mutley-style laughter. No more embarrassing attempts to pull lads. Better luck on the outside Sam.

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