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Everything's Alright On Speed Dating Night

So, you’re an all-seeing entity and your social experiment is rapidly moving towards self-destruction. What can you do to ease the tension?

Have a Speed Dating night, of course.

That’s precisely what Big Bro did tonight and amazingly, it worked, with the whole group having great fun flirting with each other up in the Loft Room!

Throughout the evening, the housemates took it in turns to ask romantic questions, where they would interview three visitors for a period of 2 minutes each.

Highlights included Anthony in a panic when he thought Craig was going to kiss him (although he did encourage his gay peer, by saying romantically, "If loving you is wrong, I don’t ever want to be right").

This incident was rapidly followed by an exaggerated ducking manoeuvre when interviewee Roberto offered Ant a European-style kiss following their little pow-wow.

However, the Geordie lad didn't shy away from Sam’s cack-handed lap dance, during which the nervous 23-year-old undid his trousers and accidentally smacked him in the face!

Other standout moments were Anthony kissing Makosi and then Sam offering her a kiss, with the pair locking lips for a passionate snog. Makosi appeared slightly flustered and confused following the lingering Frenchy.

Maxwell got a snog from Saskia by taking his shirt off and attaching sweets to his thin, pasty body, but later received a lap dance from Vanessa, which was on the wrong side of letchy.

However, the best bit of the whole night was when Kemal played an outrageously flirty female character during his turn asking the questions.

The bonkers 19-year-old's first date was Roberto, who went into flirting overdrive by staring straight into his eyes and continually touching Kemal’s leg during their romantic discourse.

"Phew. That was too much for me to handle," said a flustered Kemal afterwards, talking to himself and getting over the shock of almost being kissed.

Anthony, was the next person to enter the ‘Love Loft’ and had great fun with his Turkish date. Wearing skimpy yellow pants emblazoned with the word Brazil, he appeared to get slightly aroused, or so Kemal said.

Playing along, Ant said that his ideal date would wear red stiletto shoes, have a 12 O’clock shadow and sport tight curly hair. Overly-camp Kemal ruffled his selection of condoms in delight!

Last up was Vanessa, who was given tips on how to ‘work it like a b**ch’ and sent away with flowers in her hair and also in her bambino’s (cleavage!)

It was a very funny night and everyone played along, including Maxwell and Roberto who were totally fine with each other when they met.

The only downer was when Saskia took the opportunity to ignore all notion of romantic questioning and used the sesh' as a thinly-veiled excuse to have a pop at Derek.

However, the most mature housemate didn't rise to the bait, so her efforts to belittle him were fruitless in the end.

Well done Big Bro. Against all the odds you’ve managed to provide the housemates and viewers with a fantastic night of fun. We must do it again some time, daahling!

If you’d like to try and find a real Date by asking your own fun questions rather than the usual boring and predictable ones, check-out where you can do precisely that.

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