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Max And Saskia Call False Alarm

Sat on night watch duty in the Crow’s Nest at around 2am, Saskia and Max were discussing today's events and wondering why the PR girl had been singled-out.

"I wonder why they’ve got it in for you?" said Max to his girl, prompting her to suggest that it was because she's a threat to the others.

In her opinion, someone had started a rumour that she was going to win the series, which is not strictly true. After all, perhaps they just don’t like her?

As Maxwell disappeared off to the Diary Room to chat with Big Bro, Saskia was left alone to ponder the situation and looked pensive as she stared out of the Loft room window.

Having developed a mouth ulcer, Saskia told Max upon his return that it was due to a lack of sleep and her being run down, stressed and jarred.

About half-an-hour later, the mischievous pair of pirates decided to call a false alarm and say that they’d seen a flag go up.

So, giggling away they rushed into the lounge and rang the bell loudly, shouting ‘pirates’ into the bedroom to rouse the crew.

Captain Science was soon up-and-about and swiftly assembled his blurry-eyed rabble on the deck, amidst lots of confusion over precisely what had been seen from the lookout tower.

Wide-awake, the self-styled Lyrical Master maintained character throughout, punching-out his poetry in the gruff style of a true seafarer. A ‘panto’ one admittedly, but it was highly amusing nonetheless!

However, Max and Saskia’s little caper was rather less amusing, and was also not particularly fair on the majority of housemates.

It would serve them right if Admiral Big Beard severely penalised the whole group for the pair having compromised the crew’s sleep and safety by crying wolf.

When all the commotion had died down, the Captain ordered Mutley-laughing Sam to join Craig on lookout, but within half an hour Sam was relieved by a guilt-ridden Roberto.

"That was a fraud, that flag story," said the perceptive former military man, before calling Science to the Crow’s Nest to give him advice on how to address the crew in the morning.

And as if that wasn’t enough disrespect for one evening, the 32-year-old then asked his Cap’n to get him a cup of coffee, to which the correct response was, "Captain can’t do anything like that".

Roberto, you need to take a look at the metaphoric rulebook me old (ship)mate.

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