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The Harem Hides Sam's Make-up Bag

An extended Harem caused a right hoo-ha tonight by hiding Sam's make-up bag, not so much for a laugh, but to teach her a lesson and rile her.

It all started at around 1.45am with a major bitching session about Sam. 45-minutes later, with Craig, Lesley, Vanessa, Kemal, Makosi and Derek in the bedroom preparing for some kip, Lesley made her move.

Encouraged by the group, the Huddersfield lass snatched Sam's treasured make-up bag and hid it under one of the mattresses. "She will actually cry," bitched Kemal.

As the extended Harem laughed at their prank, Craig, who'd been the main instigator in all the sniping, said, "You know what I love? Big Brother knows what we're doing but can't do nothing about it!"

Lesley intended to deprive her enemy for a whole week and newly-feisty Vanessa came-up with a great plan: for the six to claim tomorrow that their stuff had also been taken i.e. blame Big Brother.

The bitching continued until Sam came into the room, turned on the light and began looking for her bag; something she claimed to have used just half-an-hour ago.

"I'm gonna go through everything," snapped the distraught marketing student as Craig claimed ignorance and Kemal cultivated a smile on his face.

Then, having looked around the room once already and taken flak from Lesley on the way, Sam suddenly rushed over to check the drawers under Les' bed. However, nothing was found.

She frantically searched the bedroom again and again and annoyed everyone in the room by telling Lesley to 'shut up' when challenged over her selfish behaviour.

"I love you Sam," came Lesley’s sarcastic response, almost giving the game away that she was the culprit.

Having quickly checked the grounds outside and then listened at the bedroom door, a fast-breathing Sam was close to tears as she then looked in all the kitchen cupboards, the two bins and even the fridge.

"I'm walking if I don't get my make-up," she told her own group of pals, who duly came back into the bedroom to help her look. When they left the room, it was soon established that Big Brother hadn't take the bag.

In the meantime, the badly-behaved bedroom crew threw the bag onto the floor. But when Sam returned once more, Derek covered-up a possible find by going into a mini-rant and abruptly switching the light off so Sam wouldn't see it.

Nice one Del!

Anthony, Saskia and Maxwell were adamant that Sam, who had shed tears by then just as Kemal predicted, must have forgotten where she left it. Little did they know?

In the end, at around 4am, Sam's group had calmed her down, convinced her that she'd simply misplaced the bag and decided to have a look for it in the morning.

Hiding Sam's stuff and ganging-up like that was harsh, cruel and probably wrong, but at the same time the whole saga was absolutely compelling to watch and rather amusing to boot!

DISCLAIMER: This is a TV show and the Big Brother format is effectively a social experiment, so fans naturally want to see friction and Big Brother cannot control what happens in such circumstances. However, here at BBO we recognise that in the real world, this 'bullying' of Sam wouldn't be acceptable.

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