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Is Anthony Gay?

It was suggested last night that Anthony is gay, but now Craig and crew have had a full-blown conversation speculating over the Geordie lad's sexuality.

Earlier in the day, Craig noted that Anthony seems to talk about sex with girls rather too much, prompting Vanessa to discuss the fact that Ant ran a mile when invited into the bed of two female housemates last night.

Tonight, chatting with Craig, Lesley, Vanessa and Science, Derek noted that when Sam held Anthony's hand, he was uncomfortable with it and felt awkward, not knowing what to do or say.

Suggesting that if Anthony was straight he would be 'getting in there', Del said, "A normal reaction would be to have some interest". However, arch enemy Lesley couldn't help herself from quickly adding, "Not in her".

Kemal then joined the group and main speculator Derek suggested that he'd noticed Anthony's '(bi)curious' looks recently.

So, having popped-up on the 'Gaydar' of three gay men, is Anthony really suppressing his sexuality or perhaps looking to find himself whilst in the Big Brother House?

Let's look at the evidence: He's cute, fashionable, has a model-like haircut, obviously spends time at the gym, wears tight-fitting t-shirts or vests, is into dancing, seems to mention sexuality or gays very often and uses lip balm...


We're only kidding and whilst we're not saying that Ant definitely is gay, you have to admit that the group might be on to something here.

Women often say 'all the handsome ones are gay', and with a quarter of the remaining housemates seemingly comfortable with their gay sexuality, keep it here to find-out if Ant will be joining the ranks of the camp trio sometime soon.

Don't give up just yet all you female admirers!

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