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You Are Now Voting For A WINNER!

Now that Derek has left the House, there will be no more evictions based on nominations. Nor will fans be voting to evict the person they least like (notwithstanding some kind of twist!)

Instead, because it’s the last week of the game you are now voting to find the Winner of Big Brother 6, so you must vote for your favourite housemate.

There are five housemates remaining, one of whom came into the house as a latecomer one month after the original bunch, the other arriving about a week ago.

So, will you choose someone who’s provided entertainment and/ or controversy (Makosi/ Craig), or someone who is basically a nice person but hasn’t really done much (Anthony/ Eugene)?

Or, perhaps you’ll stick two fingers up to all the other contenders and give it to Kinga, someone who will have spent just two weeks in the game if she stays until the end?

Actually, we’ve just reminded ourselves in that last paragraph that it’s not just the kudos of winning Big Brother that the Winner gets; it’s cash, and lots of it too!

So, even if you like a particular housemate, you should really consider if they've done enough during their stay in the House to earn £100k - have they been 'value for money?'

Or, perhaps you should consider which person you've been talking about most with your friends, colleagues or family during the past ten weeks?

Looking at our own Discussion Forum, the ratio of chat about the remaining housemates has been something like: 29% Makosi, 26% Craig, 22% Anthony, 16% Eugene and 7% Kinga.

However, it doesn’t always follow that just because you've been chatting about someone, they should win the show.

Anyway, who Wins the dosh and who goes home with nothing? YOU decide!

Voting lines are now open and will remain-so until Friday night's Finale. The voting text and telephone numbers are detailed in another story within our Latest News section.

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