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It's Not Over Yet/ Thanks To...

This is just a quick note to say that although the series is drawing to a close, we're not packing-up and heading to the Bahamas just yet!

For a start, we've still got a number of stories that we made notes for, but never got around to publishing, such as the later eviction interviews.

So, over the coming week we hope to add these to our Latest News section to complete the story. We know that some fans like to relive the series by re-reading all our stories.

Frankly, after eleven long weeks of BB6 we need a rest, but over the coming weeks we’ll try and archive our news stories into separate weeks, to make it easier to read through them all.

As usual, we shall continue to update our Latest News section periodically throughout the year with BB-related stories.

However, after six series of the show, the ex-housemates often disappear off the radar faster than Anthony will when he reads all the press about him and Craig!

Our Discussion Forum traditionally closes shortly after the series ends, mainly so that we can maintain its good reputation (it goes totally off-topic if we leave it open when things are quiet).

However, it’ll remain open for a week-or-so if you want to come and read through the 1000 threads/ 15,000+ posts that were made by fans during BB6.

In our Win Stuff section you can currently win some DVD’s and a HP Digital Camera, but we hope to be adding some more prizes shortly, such as a Freeview Box and Digital TV card for your PC.

The compo’s will run until about September/ October time and are FREE to enter. Frankly, the questions are always simple to answer, so what have you got to lose?

We're hoping to have some more prizes up for grabs nearer to Xmas, which is a good reason to make sure that you're subscribed to our Newsletter mailing List.

Another reason is so that we can tell you if we start work on any other projects that you might be interested-in, or if there's any major Big Brother developments (like another Celebrity BB series being announced etc).

Certainly, fans who would like to know about applying for Big Brother 7 (see our FAQ’s) should sign up... well, we’d like everyone to really, so that we can keep in touch from time to time.

To sign-up, please visit our Home page for more details.

And now the 'Thanks' bit...

Thanks go to all our Advertisers who help keep the site going with their support. A few fans always moan about advertising, but would you pay us a ‘fiver per series instead? If so, let us know!

We’d also like to thank our Web Host, Othello Technology, who once again put in a sterling effort when we had to upgrade our servers due to a substantial increase in traffic near the beginning of BB6.

We would have given the new server manufacturer a plug here, but they wouldn’t do us a deal, the tightwads! Okay, it was Dell…who now owe us one!

Finally, thanks to the many fans that’ve supported us by regularly visiting the site, reading our stories and participating in our Forum throughout Big Brother 6.

Yeah we know it sounds really corny, but without you we wouldn't be here… well, we would, but it would be a case of BBO-no mates and our efforts would be pointless.

On the latter note, we'd just like to point-out that this is an independent website, run from the coffers of a small group of fans, not a big corporation (Get the violins out! - Ed).

So, if you've enjoyed using the site and would like to give something back, we've detailed a way to support us at the top of our Discussion Forum. It's up to you.

So, that's almost it for another year. Phew! ...make it just 9 or 10 weeks next time please Big Bro! We look forward to seeing you again soon; perhaps during the rumoured 'Celebrity Big Brother 4' in the New Year?

We hope you have a great remainder of 2005 and a fantastic Xmas. See ya.

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