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Makosi The Actress: The Truth

A certain tabloid newspaper published a sensational story yesterday claiming that game-playing BB6 contestant Makosi Musambasi is really an actress.

However, as is often the case with these things, there’s more to it when you really pick it apart.

The front page splash claimed that Makosi was on the books of a talent agency, who’s sister company had apparently invoiced BB programme makers Endemol for supplying her.

Furthermore, it was revealed that Makosi is listed on the company’s website as being an actress, presenter, compere and dancer.

However, allow us to put forward the most likely explanation:

It is true that Makosi is on the books of talent agency Envenio and has-been since the beginning of the year.

So, let’s assume that she is something of a ‘wanabee’, someone who signed herself up with the agency as she progressed through the Big Brother auditions (which began before she signed-up by the way).

This would explain why Makosi has shown a multitude of emotions during her time in the House, because she thinks she will get noticed and picked-up by a TV or film company.

What we’re suggesting here is that she’s not a mole or actress working for Big Brother i.e. someone who’s been employed specifically and is controlled by the producers.

She is simply using the show to gain exposure, like many who apply for Big Brother these days.

If you think back to BB3 in 2002, former housemate PJ Ellis had been on 'The Villa’ prior to his appearance on Big Brother, so it’s nothing new.

About the invoice in question, issued by a company called The Casting Suite, BBO believes that this invoice represents the supply of a few audience members for the forum show ‘Big Brother’s Big Mouth’.

But why would they need them? Basically, it could be that they wanted a few confident, opinionated people to kick off the debate, or they needed to record some scripted stuff for a VT trailer.

Nothing too sinister in that.

The newspaper apparently spoke to someone at The Casting Suite about the invoice, but their conversation was with an accountant, who wouldn’t necessarily know what it was for.

In the tabloid story, the accountant said that he didn’t know how long Makosi had been on the company’s books. However, he’s bound to have heard of her, so would likely acknowledge the mention of her name.

What this smacks of, especially when you consider that the revelation appears to have been leaked from Envenio, is a PR stunt on their behalf.

After all, they charge people £75 a pop to get on their books and how many naïve BB fans will now sign-up, hoping it will help them get on BB7?

So, Makosi is a wanabee actress, that can’t be denied. However, she is not a professional (she’s a nurse) and by all accounts, was NOT paid to appear on Big Brother.

Case closed!

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