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There IS a Twist Tonight!

After all the speculation, and BBO saying earlier today that there isn’t a twist at tonight’s 11th Eviction, there IS one after all. Oops!

Initially, we were going to just hint at what’s going on. However, rumours have spread around the net rapidly this afternoon and so we might aswell be the first to confirm the facts:

The person who’s received the least number of votes in the public vote should leave during the earlier show on Channel 4 tonight.

During the second show, Big Brother will call someone to the Diary Room and offer them a substantial cash incentive of £50k.

However, they will not be told the consequences of taking the loot; the consequences being that if they take the money on offer, the overall prize fund will be halved.

If they refuse to take the money, like Eugene did with the tea and cakes recently, the prize fund will be doubled. So, it’s either look after yourself, or help someone else out.

Of course, if the same person who takes Big Bro’s challenge succumbs to temptation and goes on to win the game, they will be even.

You would have to be mad not to take BB’s offer and guarantee yourself some dosh, but then again, they don’t know what the consequences will be.

Oh, and they also don’t know that their peers will be watching on a screen in the lounge!

This was touted as an idea during a previous series of Big Brother, with the extra twist being that the person taking the money (then just £10k) would leave the house immediately. However, it never went ahead for some reason.

This is a really exciting development and we can’t wait to see what happens.

In the meantime, if you’d like to speculate over who'd take the money and who'd refuse on moral grounds, why not visit our Discussion Forum?

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