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Now It's Every Man/ Woman For Him/ Herself

Continuing her earlier sentiment, Makosi warned Kinga tonight that Craig could drag her down. Poor old Kinga, she’s like a pawn stuck between the two factions: Team Makosi and Team Empty.

The two girls agreed that Anthony is a nice guy, but they couldn’t find anything nice to say about his sidekick Craig.

Referring to Craig’s possessive nature, something she’d challenged him over a couple of days ago, Kinga asked, "Why does he get like that?"

"I've never met anyone like him in my life, he's so weird," said Makosi, before ranting about how the Norfolk stalker seems to hate everyone and everything around him.

“He feels the need to bring people down. He doesn't think he can shine by himself and thinks the only way he can shine is by bringing other people down."

Her comments very much reflected how Craig comes across on TV, explaining why he'll probably get a really hostile welcome when he gets out… if that isn’t too much of an oxy moron!

Kinga then wondered whether Craig likes her or not, but Makosi wasn’t saying. However, she did give the BB6 latecomer some frank advice, saying, "Just be wary of people, even me”.

“Never get involved in a conversation about people because others are just waiting for an opportunity to pull you down."

Obviously, the irony of the fact that they were only just dissing Craig was lost on the pair. However, Makosi’s comments were founded, mainly because he was bitching to Anthony about everyone at the same time.

Revealing his attitude towards the fellow final-week contenders (with the exception of good pal and would-be partner Anthony), Craig spat, “I don’t give a f***ing s**t about (any of) them”.

He constantly refers to ‘adults’ as if he isn’t one, but the immature 20-year-old certainly has a lot to learn in life if that’s his attitude.

Lecture over!

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