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The Story Of Big Brother 6?

One minute Makosi is moaning about Kinga in the Diary Room, the next she’s bitching to her about Craig. That’s the story of Big Brother 6, isn’t it?

Mind you, they’re all at it, or so it seems!

Having had an earlier chat with Craig, where Makosi admitted that as a £17,000-a-year nurse she’d like to make some cash out of BB6, the 24-year-old claimed that he can’t be trusted.

During the earlier conversation, Craig suggested that he could make lots of money on the outside if he really wanted, due to his business acumen.

He also claimed that all he wanted from appearing on the show was a relationship and said that everyone in the House was an actor.

Revealing what had been said by the camp crimper, Makosi sniped, “That boy is an actor," before going on to diss him for being two-faced and deceitful… oh, and a rubbish actor at that!

"Did you see how uncomfortable he got when I asked him who’s going to win?" she asked Kinga, implying that Craig was pretending he's not interested in the prize money.

However, he subsequently admitted that he did, in fact, want the money. “It’s nothing to lie about,” said Makosi.

“People are going to see through him - the public will see if he is talking about us now,” said Kinga, adding fuel to Makosi’s fire.

And sure enough, not long after that Craig was in the garden tittle-tattling to Anthony.

“She feels threatened by my reasons,” said the stalker-like hairdresser, re-iterating to his pal that all he wants out of Big Brother is to find a partner.

After bitching about how Makosi seems obsessed with money, Craig then whinged about how he misses having a companion, admitting in the process that that he’s never had a proper partner before.

Blokes don’t really like talking about this kind of stuff, especially to other blokes, so Craig’s sad tale fell on deaf ears to an extent, with Anthony offering little feedback in response.

And perhaps in a bid to try and change the subject, he then offered Craig a quick hug to console him. However, it looks like that’s all you’re going to get Craigey Boy, not an offer of a date.

Too bad!

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