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Surprise Eviction On Monday?

Actually, there is no eviction on Monday, that was a Craig-style lie. No, this is more of a plea to the producers to boot Craig out as soon as possible and not to bother waiting for a proper eviction.

After all, surely the psychologists must be getting really concerned now, what-with his most recent, totally unjustified, outburst? (see Day 71's stories).

So why don’t the producers do the right thing for everyone concerned and just remove him from the game?

And when we say everyone concerned, we mean everyone, including the fans.

Here at BBO, we feel that the show is genuinely getting too stressful too watch now due to Craig’s behaviour, especially if you watch the live feed.

Of course, we risk being accused of being biased ourselves with that statement, but then again, we’ve been told by the odd fan that we shouldn’t even give opinion.

What? An independent fansite that doesn’t give opinion? There would just be blank pages. All media, be it web, printed, TV or radio, gives an opinion, obviously.

Independent opinion can only be a good thing. This year, for instance, Dermot O’Leary has been accused of sitting on the fence with his BBLB show.

We try not to do that, but we do try and reflect public opinion. And we’ve had hundreds of e-mails over the weekend about Craig’s behaviour, with many fans calling for an abrupt end to his BB experience.

We appreciate that Craig has a few fans (mainly besotted, star-struck teenage girls/ boys), but he’s ruining the game on so many levels, that we don’t think he deserves the Davina interview now.

Anyway, whether you agree or disagree with us, why not discuss this issue with other fans of the show in our Discussion Forum?

In the meantime, we’re off to buy a Slam Man… we need something to take our aggression out on whilst watching the show!

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