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Craig’s Got A Surprise For Anthony!

After rising from his pit this morning, Craig returned to the bedroom in just his boxer shorts and told Anthony that he had something for him. We bet he has!

Having been unable to endure the horrendous ‘badly-played violin’ wake-up sound, Craig visited the kitchen but soon slunk back to bed.

As would-be boyfriend Anthony stirred, the Norfolk scissor-smith begged his best pal to come near his bed to receive a present.

"What is it?" asked the sceptical dancer, perhaps thinking along the same lines you were when you read the first line of this story?

"Come and get it and you’ll find out," insisted Craig, before reminding Anthony that he’d said the housemates need to take risks.

"It IS a bit of a risk," said Ant in response, but Craig just pleaded, "Come on darling, I wouldn’t lie to you".

Erm, is that normal banter for two blokes who are ‘just good mates?’

Anthony eventually gave in, but apparently not out-of intrigue, just to shut Craig up. He was rewarded with a glass of ice cold orange juice, his favourite drink.

However, Makosi mocked the former mullet-wearer for having had to beg Ant so much, then Anthony said about the fact that taking a risk had paid-off, "A risk? Don’t be stupid, I just couldn’t be ar**d".

He then matter-of-factly asked for a pair of Craig’s boxer shorts to wear, which will surely encourage the younger housemate to accidentally-on-purpose run out of clean keks so that he can wear some of Ant’s?

Earlier in the conversation Craig offered to be the Geordie midget’s hairdresser for life, but we prefer to use a different word: ‘stalker!’

With Eugene claiming today that Anthony is guilty of encouraging the attention and suggesting that he doesn't leave Craig alone, the bizarre Love Story saga continues…

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