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Anthony Goes Ballistic At Craig

Not long ago, we said in an article that we could see Anthony lamping Craig one for all his friction-causing and obsessive behaviour. Tonight, the annoyed Geordie boy came very close to doing it.

Tonight’s near-fracas was all over the fact that Kinga had mentioned Craig’s gay sexuality (the deluded lad still thinks that the public aren’t aware), claimed that he egged her on regarding the bottle incident and suggested that he follows Anthony around wherever he goes.

But, having been dubbed Anthony’s shadow, Craig wasn’t happy at the suggestion that he’s like a limpet to Ant’s side and so went for a moan to Makosi about Kinga’s comments.

When he returned to the lounge shortly after, Kinga left the room and Craig sat there with the usual 'sour puss' face on. He then challenged his pal for not sticking up for him, calling Anthony gormless in the process.

His bemused pal shouted, “What are you talking about? Defend yourself”. But in an unbelievably immature move, Craig then flicked his beer in Ant’s direction, saying at the same time, “Whatever”.

Anthony went absolutely ballistic over the move, getting in Craig’s face and suggesting that he would have punched him if they’d been on the outside. Can you blame him?

“Don’t ever do that again. Don’t EVER hoy a bottle of beer over me,” raged Ant before storming out of the room to calm himself down.

Meanwhile, Craig blubbed away in the lounge and was eventually consoled by Makosi, who listened to him whine about how he expected more from Anthony.

“I’ve never been spoken-to like that. I don’t know what his issues are,” whinged the renowned cry baby, before going-on to say, “That was too much tonight”.

The most unbelievable thing about it, apart the fact that Craig doesn’t ever see what he’s done wrong, was that earlier in the day he stated that he can’t stand people who are always victims.

The sheer gall of the man.

Still, his actions and attitude were summed-up when Craig said to Makosi, “I think I’m right and if I think I’m right, that’s okay”. “I don’t care what other people think of me.”

We all know that when he gets out, chats to his real mates and reads all the headlines, Anthony probably won’t have anything more to do with Craig.

However, quite how the Norfolk stalker expects to gain and keep friends with the above attitude is beyond us.

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