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Still Worth A Pop?

With just one week to go until the Final of Big Brother 6, we look at whether it's still worth having a bet on the outcome of the series?

Anthony has been the favourite to Win for some time now, but here at BBO we're genuinely a bit bemused by this.

It's not that we don't want him to win, it's just that everyone moans about how boring a winner BB4's Cameron Stout was, but at least he had one big argument when he was over in Africa.

What has Anthony done really? He hasn't even properly stood-up to Craig and told him to get lost.

Anyway, it looks like the monkey boy might go the whole series almost 'flying under the radar', and then sneak in at the end to clear up. Then again, as far as the bookies are concerned, Eugene is still a contender.

Although he may not survive at tonight's 10th Eviction, if you fancy taking a punt right now, you can still get odds of 8/1 on the self-confessed geek. However the real surprise is that Makosi has gone from being 5/1 a week-or-so ago, to 4/1 now.

Having noticed that, it prompted us to start a new Poll asking if she really could win. It'll be an amazing feat if she does, given that the habitual game player was something of a hate figure at one point due to the Babygate business.

But even Derek might be worth a flutter, especially at 14/1? Normally, you could say that with odds like that the bookies think his chances are slim. Indeed, he may go tonight.

However, they don't really know what's going to happen in the final week of the game and you can expect all the odds to change next week, with less players in the game.

If you were to stake just £25 on any of the three possible winners above, you'd get a profit of £100 if Makosi wins, £200 if Eugene goes all the way or £350 if Del Boy is the last person to leave the House.

You can also get a FREE £25 bet for your troubles if you haven't used our online betting partner before.

If you think Ant is a dead cert, you'd have to stake a lot more cash to make it worthwhile. At today's odds (Friday the 5th August) of 2/5, a £50 bet would make you £20 profit plus your stake back, a £200 bet would make you £80 clear profit if he wins.

So, if you fancy placing a bet for fun this week, please see how to do it below. We advise you to only stake amounts that you can afford to lose.

To check-out the current odds, place a bet and get yourself that FREE £25 bet (once you've placed your first one), head over to the BlueSquare website, where it's quick-and-easy to sign-up for an account and start betting.

You need to seek out the 'Specials' section, and then click on 'TV Specials'. NB. this market is often taken off their website overnight or during nominations etc. Anyway, Good Luck!

If you have a strong opinion on whether Anthony should be the rightful winner or not, come an visit our busy Discussion Forum where you can discuss this and many other BB-related topics with like-minded fans.

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