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Makosi Prepares To Go Back To Nursing

Tonight, Makosi has been contemplating her future outside of the Big Brother House and hinted that she's prepared to go straight back to nursing

During the late-night conversation after Del and Eugene had hit the sack, the chat turned to what the housemates might do when the show ends.

Makosi stated that she'll return to nursing just as soon as they'll take her back, although if any 'opportunities' come-up she will pursue them first.

Craig claimed that he'd get a few stylists in to cover his salon and then get down the gym to try and lose those man breasts. He needs to!

The stalker-like hairdresser joked that he would create a job for Anthony by opening a salon in Newcastle. He also talked abut getting Kinga involved and employing Makosi as the afro specialist.

However, in response, the genuinely humble 24-year-old re-iterated, "I'm a nurse people, don't forget this". While the others were talking about getting fame, recognition and star treatment, Makosi showed that had her feet firmly on the ground.

But will the most controversial character of the series be able to return to nursing after all her BB6 shenanigans?

Reports that Makosi has been sacked from her job at Wycombe Hospital because of the 'Babygate' scandal were wildy exaggerated, made-up even. There have also been rumours that she's not a proper nurse, which again are false.

A hospital source told BBO recently, "Makosi Musambasi was definitely a qualified nurse here at Wycombe hospital and resigned from her position to go into the Big Brother House. She has not been sacked".

About whether the hospital would take her back, they would not be drawn on the matter for confidentiality reasons, but suggested that they will cross that bridge when they come to it.

The hospital source also hinted to BBO that, far from Makosi being 'struck off' as some have suggested, the hospital and indeed the profession has more important things to worry about than the fact that someone lied on a game show whilst they were drunk.

Of course, we're referring to Makosi's swimming pool frolics with Anthony and her subsequent claims that she was pregnant.

Granted, she went a bit too far that time, but at the end of the day, she is/ was just playing a game.

So... now we're kicking good people out of their jobs (members of the public have vouched for Makosi's nursing ability) for having consented sex? Not that she did for sure anyway.

It's difficult to remember sometimes, because she often comes across as older, but Makosi is only 24 years old; she is a young woman. In the grand scheme of things, her activities have only added to the game and haven't really harmed anyone.

Let's face it, whether you're a fan or not, Makosi is the rightful winner of this series, but if that doesn't happen, we hope she gets what she wants.

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