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Enough Is Enough For Anthony

It's getting to the stage where every single night, Craig and Anthony have a tiff over something ridiculously unimportant. Last night was no exception and Anthony is at the end of his tether with Craig now.

The close pals' latest spat was all over the fact that as far as Craig was concerned, Anthony seemed to be more getting more friendly with Eugene, someone he dislikes.

Green-eyed monster Craig was jealous that Eugene had harmlessly agreed to sew a button back on to Anthony's strides, which outraged the Geordie dancer's would-be wife.

Also, Eugene made some humorous comments about Craig, who fully expected Anthony to defend his honour and not to laugh along.

"You're obsessed with bickering," sighed Anthony talking last night, but his closer-than-close chum flew off the handle and refused to accept responsibility for causing most of the friction between the pair.

Cry baby Craig eventually got in a strop and flounced off, but this morning Anthony had it out with his increasingly annoying mate.

Talking about the incident and the person he thought was the cause, an overly-aggressive Craig warned, "If I argue with him (Eugene) I'll rip him apart".

But Ant just got agitated with his semi-psychotic pal and snapped, "Craig, I don't know what you're on about".

However, Ant soon gave-in and agreed not to laugh at any more of Eugene's comments because all the bickering was really getting him down. "It has to stop, TODAY," insisted the frustrated 23-year-old.

Craig's behaviour towards Anthony is simply bizarre, and their relationship has gone from simple friendship, through harmless crush, infatuation and borderline perviness, to nasty, vindictive bickering.

Not to mention manipulation, as Anthony almost always gives in, even if he raises his voice at the Norfolk stalker and tries his best not to be sucked-in when he cries.

It's a strange way for Craig to treat his so-called mate and Anthony is visibly getting so wound-up and stressed by it all, that we can see him lumping Craig some time soon.

However, nobody wants to see that, so let's hope Craig will finally get the message now and stop causing petty arguments over nothing.

Either that, or bring out the boxing gloves!

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