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Kinga's Keen To Know

On her first full day in the House, Kinga was trying to get to know her peers more, so this afternoon she started with sexually confused housemate Craig.

Having been quizzed about what type of person he usually fancies, the coy Norfolk lad wasn't forthcoming with an answer.

Of course, if she's actually been watching the show, Kinga will already know what the answer is: a short, muscley, slightly monkey-looking guy, preferably with a Geordie twang and living within about 1 second's travelling distance!

Having been pretending for weeks that he's not gay by mouthing the word silently in an exaggerated fashion every time he mentions it, Craig pretty-much gave the game away today when talking about who he doesn't fancy.

"I'm not saying who I fancy," he said. "Certainly not David Beckham," he added, referring to the footballer who Kinga had just confessed to liking.

"I don't have a set type. I go for personalities. I'm drawn to people," said the pseudo-stalker, but Kinga was relentless and wanted to know his sexuality, asking 'What if you could have any man in a nightclub?'

"...Or it could be a girl," chipped-in Anthony, seemingly coming-out in sympathy for Craig 's denial.

Kinga had already broached the subject last night within hours of arriving, by outright asking the complicated crimper what his sexuality was. However, he just said in his usual camp manner, "I can't say".

"I don't talk about it. I have issues. I'm not bisexual... Ant knows," added the 20-year-old.

Tonight, however, Craig got all stressed when Kinga left the room, saying, "I am being quizzed again. I can't handle it. She's trying to get it out of me. I'm not exposing to anyone".

You can relax now Ant. He's just said that he won't be 'exposing' to anyone, not even you!

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