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Orlaith: A Brief History By Derek

In an almost a carbon copy of a conversation he had with Eugene recently, Derek bitched about Orlaith as he bonded with Kinga this morning.

With the newbie housemate having got-up early, something she promised to do last night, their pre-9am conflab began with Kinga complimenting Del Boy and saying that Eugene is 'gentleman'.

Always a good start, sucking-up to Derek's posse!

But the conversation eventually turned to third Secret Garden dweller and recent wussy quitter, Orlaith, with Kinga asking Del for his take on her leaving.

Giving a brief history of her 34-day stay, the 41-year-old told how she'd taken a complete dislike to Saskia within a day, suggesting that it was too-short-a-period to have made-up your mind about someone.

Derek claimed that Orlaith was just siding with the majority, having seen which way the wind was blowing, but the political man wasn't impressed when Orlaith was nice to people's faces, even if she hated them.

"I say things behind people's backs, obviously," admitted the bald one, before completing his point with, "But if confronted, I would defend my case".

Granted, that's what happened when he was caught-out and punished by Big Bro for talking about getting-rid of Saskia in Week 3.

Back on the subject of Orlaith, Del said that her fear of rejection was very, very great, and frankly, her quitting seemed to us like she just didn't want to face the inevitable boos from a hostile eviction crowd.

Derek then told Kinga how the Irish model had relentlessly whined-on about wanting to leave, which in his eyes, would have been more appropriate in the Diary Room so that BB could have helped her.

Recalling how he'd simply had enough of her moaning and crying one day, Derek recounted what he'd said to Orlaith the day he snapped, which was: 'You've got a pair legs. You can walk any time you want'.

Harsh, but true!

As Kinga listened intently to the former housemate's history, Del seemed pleased that she was now, quite literally, history, but he stopped short of saying good riddance.

Still, Orlaith had plenty of support on the outside of the House, but you can't deny that as far as BB contestants go, she's been replaced by a much more 'fun' model.

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