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Craig Threatens To Snub Anthony

The group were only boogying the night away a short while before, but Craig had to go and spoil it by getting into a strop with Anthony.

During a conversation which included Makosi, Craig was bigging-up Orlaith and wouldn't hear a bad word said about her. He then claimed that he if he wins the prize money he'll share it with three people.

Despite the fact that bright orange pigs will fly before Craig gets his hands on the dough, it wasn't clear who the lucky recipients would be... Ant, Saskia, Maxwell, Orlaith? Which three?

Anyway, during their post-midnight pow wow, Craig was talking a complete load of cryptic cr*p, basically suggesting that Kinga had insinuated he and Derek were the top contenders to win the series.

The camp coiffeur then went for the sympathy vote by saying he'd had a hard upbringing and stating that he only came on the show and wanted to win, so that he could feel accepted.

That worked for BB5 Winner Nadia because it was a genuine sentiment, not a contrived remark, and Makosi ripped into him for his ridiculous comment.

"For you to say,'I want to win so I can feel accepted'? You sound like a tw*t", said the frank nurse, but although Craig started blubbing, he got no sympathy from Anthony.

In fact, Ant challenged him by saying, "You want to win because you want to win," prompting the cry baby to come back with, "A hundred grand is nothing to me, I could get it tomorrow".

Hmm, interesting statement Craig.

Anthony then made his own rather interesting comment, by saying that contestants should want to win for the reason he does: "For your personality coming across the best". If that's the case, how is the fence-sitting Geordie the bookies' favourite?

He may be a nice enough bloke, but is that all it takes to scoop the £100k prize? We guess so, especially if you think about BB4 winner, whatshisname thingamajig (you get our point?)

When Makosi left the room, Craig had a complete benny about the fact that Anthony hadn't stuck up for him, snapping, "You never help me, you never have". He accused his pal of being slow to defend him, but Ant didn't think he should have anyway.

Giving as good as he got, the dancer snapped back, "You absolutely slag people off, then you're really friendly with them".

"All I want is respect, dignity and loyalty," said Craig before telling Anthony never to say that he wasn't justified in seeking acceptance again, or he wouldn't speak to him ever again.

The word 'pathetic' sprang to mind, especially when you consider that Craig is a grown man of 20, not a 10-year-old boy.

However, as sure as eggs is eggs, their little spat ended in a text book cuddle-and-apology type situation. Hey ho. Looks like it's the 'same old, same old' for the would-be partners.

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