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It’s Party Time!

She was dubbed ‘Kinga The Minger’ by the press before, having spent a few days in the Secret Garden, but tonight it was more like 'Kinga The Singing Mingler!'

As DJ BB decided to spin a few tunes, the whole House came alive, with the housemates bopping around the room to the sound of Kylie’s ‘Spinning Around’.

With Kinga having apparently found a dancing partner in Craig, the pair bounced around as Eugene hit the floor with another display of his classic geek-dancing - fantastic!

Outkast’s ‘Hey Ya’ was the next tune to be pumped into the House and Kinga danced with Eugene while Craig and Makosi did the shake thang’ from the video.

An enthusiastic Anthony didn’t disappoint by pulling-off his signature snake-hands move, but Derek cringed as Makosi, Craig and Kinga got up onto the table for a boogie. Erm, guys... it's made of plastic.

Big Brother predictably cut the music short and told them to get down, but when it restarted Kinga managed to get Del up for a dance. Woo-hoo! Shake it like a Polaroid, Del Boy!

Next on the DJ’s turntable was Tom Jones’ catchy number ‘Sex Bomb’, which had Craig performing a sexy dance routine… although that’s something of a misnomer, for it wasn't particularly sexy!

Once again Del got going as he danced close to Kinga, who did a brilliant job of mingling with all her peers and didn’t leave anyone out as she bopped away.

Despite being initially reticent about her arrival, Craig went into flirting overdrive with Kinga as the songs were repeated.

A little later, after the music had stopped, Kinga decided to make her own music by singing Christina Aguilera's 'Stronger', followed by some more songs that saw the other housemates joining-in.

Del particularly liked the Shakira number 'Underneath Your Clothes' and sang along in good spirits, complimenting Kinga on her singing voice afterwards.

What a great start for the previously controversial Londoner and a fantastic night to boot. Kinga has really pepped things up for sure; let’s just hope that the novelty hasn’t worn off by the morning.

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